Baileys Lawn Reviver

Episode: 3
Title: Baileys Lawn Reviver
Broadcast: Sunday Nov 20th 2016
Presenter: Darren Seinor

It’s been a long cold winter and here in Perth and Darren’s lawn is looking a little bit worse for wear. Rather than just fertilise and hope for the best, he shows us a product we can use to rejuvenate and invigorate this lawn from the ground up.

  • The organic structure in Bailey’s Lawn Reviver works through the lawn’s profile to activate microbial action and stimulate earthworm activity, promoting healthy growth. Water retention and disease resistance is increased and water run-off and evaporation are reduced.
  • This product contains Grosorb wetting agent to maximize water use and fertiliser delivery. If used on your lawn it will improve your soil structure, fertility and microbial activity.
  • After a long period of winter dormancy, use Baileys Lawn Reviver to improve your lawns visual appearance within days.
  • Lawn Reviver is a Western Australian designed and is manufactured to Australian Standards Mark 4454. It is also a Smart Approved and Waterwise Approved product.

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