Pt 2 Boxed Green

Episode: 4
Title: Pt 2 Boxed Green
Broadcast: Sunday Nov 27th 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

We’ve just enjoyed one of the best wildflower seasons in over 50 years here in Western Australia and if you’re inspired by trying to recreate this at home it might be a bit difficult. Trev takes us to a garden with owners who are trying their best to help people

  • Graeme from Boxed Green is a pretty popular guy. He works around the state helping people transform their backyards and Trev is here today to talk to him.
  • Graeme believes in bringing new life into the garden: if you can see it and hear it moving, as well as enjoy the colour, then that’s fabulous.
  • Graeme speaks about bringing colour to the garden and how we have a huge variety of colour in our Western Australian plants. They bring different aspects to the garden and can also play a part in creating natural homes for our wildlife.
  • The great thing about the team at Boxed Green is they’re helping people establish and maintain beautiful WA native gardens. You get to learn about the plants, garden and understand how to care for it so it continues to look amazing in the future.
  • The Boxed Green purpose is to get the local plants in the ground and get the biodiversity happening in the garden. The team is more than happy to share their knowledge and are happy to come out and talk to people about their garden.

Boxed Green
P: 0425 054 041