Baileys Fertiliser

Episode: 4
Title: Baileys Fertiliser
Broadcast: Sunday Nov 27th 2016
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Growing fresh veggies and herbs at home is an incredibly rewarding experience and it works! Darren shows us how you can get healthy soil with a planting mix and how to reinvigorate your garden.

  • A premium fertiliser designed to produce abundant and healthy plant growth, flowers and fruit. Baileys Fruit & Veg Fertiliser is professional blend of quality organic ingredients with added controlled release fertiliser.
  • This mix is fully composted, stable and won't strip nutrients from your plants. The composting process also ensures no weed seeds or plant pathogens can live in the soil.
  • It contains two types of controlled release fertiliser particularly suited to crop production. It ensures the perfect balance of nutrients and release longevity for optimal growth and cropping.
  • It also contains an added wetting agent to ensure good moisture penetration and even drainage.
  • Ready to use straight from the bag and perfect for growing a broad range of vegetables, herbs, fruit and citrus. It is ideal for planting directly into pots, containers raised garden beds or to enrich established vegetable beds.

Baileys Fertiliser
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