Episode: 5
Title: Ezi-Wet
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 4th 2016
Presenter: Darren Seinor

After an unusually long and cool winter, it’s easy to get complacent about the summer to come. But rest assured this summer, like all West Australian summers, will be long dry and brutally hot. Darren shows us how to prepare your garden for the summer months to come, using as little water as possible.

  • The breakdown of organic material leads to the formation of a waxy coating around the soil granules, causing the water to run off the surface of the soil, failing to get to the roots of the plant. The garden suffers and water is wasted.
  • Ezi-Wet is a top quality wetting agent that is a simple and effective solution to hydrophilic soil. It is suited to local conditions, easy to apply and safe for pets and fauna.
  • The ready-to-use liquid hose on is great for lawns, while the 1L concentrate provides a cost effective solution for bigger gardens.
  • Most importantly, Ezi-Wet is 100% frog and pet friendly, and is completely safe for earthworms.
  • Applying a wetting agent and curing the water repellency will prevent your lawn from becoming dry and patchy in the summer to come.
  • Ezi-Wet is combined with Charlie Carp, an organic fertiliser that provides nutrients to your plants while helping to improve the health of your soil.
  • Potting mix can also become water repellent. A liquid form or granule form of wetting agent will do the job. For smaller pots try dunking them in a bucket of diluted wetting agent.
  • To get the best value from your wetting agent, it’s a great idea to mulch straight after applying.

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