Baileys Fertiliser and Mulch

Episode: 6
Title: Baileys Fertiliser
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 11th 5:30pm
Presenter: Faye Arcaro

If you were to take one tip for helping your garden survive throughout summer it would be to mulch. Feeding the soil is important and so is making the most of our precious water. By mulching the roots we protect our soil and Faye shows us the best product to choose.

  • Baileys Moisture Mulch is a pine bark based, black organic mulch suitable for all garden and vegetable beds, pots and planters. It contains no artificial colouring and is fully composted over an 8-week period, resulting in quality, weed and disease free mulch.
  • It has been composted with manure to reduce nitrogen drawdown, improving soil structure and fertility as it naturally breaks down.
  • This mulch covers and protects topsoil and regulates soil temperatures - Insulating the topsoil and protecting from extreme summer and winter temperatures.
  • Moisture Mulch reduces evaporation and conserves water because it shields the the topsoil from the sun's drying rays and WA's hot and dry spells.
  • Improves soil structure by adding organic matter to the soil as it naturally breaks down and suppresses weeds. This encourages earthworm and microbial activity.
  • Complies with Australian Standards 4454 for a composted product, is classified as a fine mulch as well as looks great!

Baileys Fertiliser
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