Small Garden Styles for Summer

Episode: 6
Title: Small Garden Styles for Summer
Broadcast: Sunday Dec 11th 5:30pm
Presenter: Steve Wood

As we embrace the concept of urban infill, it’s inevitable that our gardening spaces are continuing to reduce. This doesn’t mean we can’t have a practical and a beautiful garden. Steve takes us to one he admires.

  • Not only is this garden attractive all year round, it requires very little maintenance and thrives with a minimum amount of water.
  • Steve shows us the Convolvulus Cneorum or the Silver Bush. Any time a plant has silver foliage, we know it’s going to be tough and hardy. This plant has a fantastic pedigree, is native to the coastline of Italy and Croatia and survives in some of the harshest conditions. This is why it’s perfect for WA conditions.
  • We see a Pumula native to the African continent that is as tough as it is beautiful is in flower for months of the year and grows so easily from cuttings.
  • See the ornamental pear in the center of the garden, which provides valuable summer shade and helps reduces evaporation. In winter and early spring it’s dormant, allowing maximum light to reach below.
  • It’s hard to go past the good old fashioned South African Gazania. Even the heat reflecting off the road and the curbside doesn’t worry this plant and its silver foliage adds to its toughness.
  • The secret to this garden is in its selection of plants: a mixture of succulents, natives and ornamentals that occur naturally in hot and dry climates. There always seem to something in flower.

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