Eclipse Aquamor Mulch

Episode: 8
Title: Eclipse Aquamor Mulch
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 1 2016
Presenter: Darren Seinor

Gardening in WA sure has its fair share of challenges but nurturing our soil and keeping our water use at a minimum is critically important. One of the most important and powerful tools we have available is mulch so Darren shows us one of the best options.

  • Not all mulches are the same and believe it or not there is a really serious science that goes into producing waterwise mulch.
  • Darren speaks with a principle scientist at Eclipse Soils, Martin Bowman. There’s no one better to get the low down on what makes a great mulch. They discuss what makes a mulch waterwise.
  • Eclipse Soils developed a waterwise effective mulch for the Australian market. Their secret is that the mulch is recycled green waste. No chance of diseases, the mulch is tested and screened and is truly waterwise!
  • Find out how to minimise evaporative loss, smother weed growth on the soils surface and to keep soil temperatures down.

Eclipse Soils
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