Bushwalk at Whistlepipe Gully

Episode: 8
Title: Bushwalk at Whistlepipe Gully
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 1 2016
Presenter: Emma Britten-Jones

The benefits of bushwalking are widely publicised. Spending time in nature can lead to improvements in many health issues but most importantly it can reconnect us with the natural world, showcasing plants in their natural glory. Emma takes us on a hike through the hills of Perth.

  • Bushwalking can help with self esteem, reduce depression, tension and blood pressure, not to mention it can lead to a deeper respect and understanding about the need for conserving our ecosystems.
  • Nature can provide a forum for free air, exercise and an abundance of native flora, as well as inspiration for your own garden. We can learn a great deal by following natures lead.
  • In nature our native flora is waterwise for survival and if you’ve ever experienced our natural bush in springtime you’ll know how well the plants adapt to the climate.
  • The Perth bush is very different from the traditional home garden environment, however it looks after itself in the hot, dry heat and is the epitome of low maintenance.
  • Emma speaks with Lyn from Aussie Bushwalks in Whistlepipe Gully about the surrounding flora and waterfalls, waterwise gardening and selecting plants for your garden that are already well adapted to our local soils and climate.

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