Wine Barrels as Ponds

Episode: 10
Title: Wine Barrels as Ponds
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 15 2017
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

Wine barrels as planters are nothing new. But what about ponds? Calinda takes you through the simple steps to creating your own beautiful wine barrel pond.

  • Old wine barrels once held wine, so holding water is no problem. Once the wood soaks, the seams expand and it becomes watertight.
  • If you’re lucky enough to source a barrel straight from a winery, you’ll need to soak it for 2 to 3 months to draw the tannin out of the wood. The fish won’t like it and it’ll be a little smelly. Once you do this, you can begin your wine barrel pond conversion.
  • If your wine barrel is old and no longer watertight, a plastic insert will fit inside the barrel for an immediate seal.
  • Wine barrels are the perfect size to grow a large variety of water plants. To compliment your plant selection, you’ll need a few small fish for mosquito larvae management, back fill with fine gravel and zeolite and you’ll have a wonderful, natural addition to your garden.
  • Calinda’s wine barrel pond features the stunning tropical water lily, Lebanese cress and papyrus.

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