Faye’s Water Wise Garden

Episode: 11
Title: Faye’s Water Wise Garden
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 22 2017
Presenter: Faye Arcaro

The easiest way to be water wise this summer is to choose plants that require little to no water. Faye shows us some her absolute favourites that are full of colour and attract some lovely wildlife to her garden.

  • Agapanthuses are lush and green make a great border and require hardly any maintenance. The purple flowers are gorgeous and attract local bees. Growing under shady trees will help them to stay alive longer.
  • Bougainvillea’s grow really well regardless of the sun and water levels it receives. They also create beautiful colours and attract lots of beautiful birds.
  • Oleander can survive the 40 degree heat and Faye’s are thriving even though they are growing right next to a fire break.
  • Snake Vine has great glossy, green leaves that look good all year round. The plant scrambles up fences and along the ground acting as mulch and its yellow buttercup flowers are stunning and attract local wildlife.

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