Summer Harvest

Episode: 11
Title: Summer Harvest
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 22 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor takes us through the fruit trees in his own garden. They survive simply from bore water and one of these trees can even grow millions of fruit with absolutely no water!

  • Meditation fruit capers are a great ground cover that requires very little water and produce a great flavour.
  • Plums and apricots deliver crops over a spaced out period of time so you can enjoy the fruit for a lot longer period.
  • Grapes need to be planted in a bright open spot with lots of ventilation flowing through the crop.
  • The Ice-Cream Bean Tree tastes a lot like vanilla ice cream! The perfect substitute for the vanilla bean- that we can’t grow here in Perth.
  • The Indian Mulberry Tree requires no watering over summer and produces millions of a fruit that can be either sweet, vanilla-like or taste like sherbet!

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