Rare and Unusual Fruit

Episode: 11
Title: Rare and Unusual Fruit
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 22 2017
Presenter: Steve Wood

Steve heads to Tass1 Trees and shows us some unexpected, exciting fruits and vegetables that can be grown easily in any Perth back garden. Even the exotic Goji Berry grows well in our conditions with a few quick and easy tips from Steve.

  • The arrowroot is one of the easiest of the root vegetables to grow. Eaten raw, cooked or made into a flower they offer you lots of options and foliage varies in colours.
  • The Australian peanut tree has clusters of pods that once turned golden will reveal peanuts! Roasted or raw they have a great flavour and provide heads of nutrition.
  • The pinot is perfect to grow in summer and it will continue to produce fruit for 3-4 months. It has a similar flavour to rock melon.
  • Goji berries need sunshine in the morning and a bit of shade in the afternoon. Just a bit of quality compost and pelletised chicken manure and they will grow extremely well. You can even eat the leaves!

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