Using Wetting Agents

Episode: 11
Title: Using Wetting Agents
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 22 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Dry gardens can be a big problem in Perth, especially over summer with low rainfall and temperatures of over 40 degrees. Trevor shows us how to locate dry patches in your garden and the best ways to repair them.

  • Any sort of cocopeat is a great addition to your garden to help save water. Just half a bag per plant will reduce water consumption, it will help your plant establish its roots and grow during summer.
  • Make sure you walk the garden looking for dry patches. Many things can block water reaching the desired spots in the garden such as growing plants that may need pruning or fences blocking sprinklers.
  • It is important to conduct checks of your irrigation system to avoid water wastage and make sure all parts of the garden are being accessed.To help plan your watering check the Water Corporations website for your allocated watering days.
  • Wetting agents are critical during the hot Perth summer. Make sure you apply mulch first and then apply the wetting agent, the agent will penetrate the mulch layer into the soil, the mulch helps to avoid the agent’s evaporation. Look out for products with the Water Wise and smart approved Water Mark symbols;
  • There are two different types of wetting agents; liquid and granular, Trevor’s preference is a liquid solution for its easy application. When applying the wetting agent if it bubbles and froths then sinks in you know the wetting agent is penetrating the mulch and soil and working well.
  • The best time of year to apply wetting agents is now, when the ground is becoming dry due to the summer months. Boost your garden with wetting agents today and your garden will maintain a lovely growth.

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