Building a bug hotel

Episode: 12
Title: Building a bug hotel
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 29th 2017
Presenter: Faye Arcaro

Building a bug hotel is a great way to entice the good bugs to your garden. Faye shows us how to DYI your very own Bug B&B.

  • There are many reasons why it might be a good idea to encourage bugs in your garden and what better way than to build a bug hotel.
  • Bug hotels are a great way find out who else lives in your garden and to understand more about our ecosystem.  We can provide a home for native bees, lacewings, mantis’s. We want to encourage these insects because they do the work of pollinating our plants so we get fruit and the good bugs take care of the bad bugs.
  • Start with your biggest elements of your hotel, like tree branches. Drill holes into one end of the wood, varying in size from 2 – 12mm to accommodate different types of native bees.
  • Next wrap the trunks in paper bark and start placing them and other bits of materiel in the container till full, make sure you have a tight fit of all of your materials so bugs and insects can nestle snugly in the cracks and ensuring the materials don’t fall out. Hang or place your bug hotel near the garden.

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