My Garden

Episode: 12
Title: My Garden
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 29th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Today Trevor shows us around his own garden. See his star performing cherries, his amazing veggie garden and his beautiful flower garden. We also take a look at a project you can do at home on your own.

  • Cherry trees are all 6-7 years old, they start fruiting in their 3rd year, but now they are really hitting their straps! There are really only 2 varieties suitable for the Perth climate Stella and Bing.
  • Cherri’s are usually cool climate tress, but you can see these are absolutely booming, they are easy to grow and make sure they never dry out. This tree has already produced 15kg of fruit and expecting another 15 kg more.
  • The vegie garden is amazing; remember the Troforte mulch used in this bed earlier in the series? look at the results. Harvesting is always a good idea and when you have too much like this land cress harvest and feed to your chooks.
  • The carrots are doing well to; if you want deep-rooted carrots plant them into well cultivated soil so they grow long and strait. Also let one plant go to seed so you can harvest and reuse for next crop.
  • We also revisit one project that’s had huge interest, it’s the living picture frame of strawberries, it’s a project anyone can do by himself or herself.

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