Wonderful water wise shade trees

Episode: 12
Title: Wonderful water wise shade trees
Broadcast: Sunday Jan 29th 2017
Presenter: Darren Seinor

As gardeners there is no better thing that we can do than plant trees, they offer so many benefits for the environment including reducing evaporation, providing habitat and shelter as well as shade flowers and fruit. Darren talks through some great water wise shade trees for your garden.

  • Choosing to plant trees is the easy decision; the hard part is deciding which tree or trees are best for your garden and purposes, that's where the experts come in! Ellenby Tree Farm has been providing homeowners as well as commercial landscapers with the highest quality, garden ready trees for over 30 years.
  • Craig explains why tree selection is completely different to choosing other plants for your garden, some of the pitfalls gardeners need to be wary of is making sure the tree is suited to your specific location. This requires a deep understanding of the growth habit, climatic and soil requirements and the life cycle of the tree and how that will compliment the requirements of the gardener.
  • Some great water wise choices are Crepe myrtle trees, they love the sun and have flowers throughout spring and summer; they give great autumn colour and work sensational in a small to medium area. The red pom pom tree (related to the frangipani) thrives in the hot dry Perth environment.
  • Planting the wrong tree in the wrong spot can be expensive and bitterly disappointing. Experts like, Craig Woodroffe, can make sure you get the perfect tree for your unique situation, the first time.

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