The Way to have Green Grass Through Winter

Episode: 1
Title: The Way to have Green Grass Through Winter
Broadcast: Mar 18th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

A hot summer can be devastating on lawns and if you have a little too much shade or a high wear area exposed, patches in the lawn are common. If you let these patches continue into winter they’ll eventually make home for weed seeds, Trev shows us something we have to do now to avoid the work next spring.

  • Give your lawn a bit of a feed with a professional blend of lawn seeds designed for fast greening in touch conditions.
  • Make sure you don’t get weeds germinating and established as the winter comes in by applying to your lawn right now.
  • Applying this is a clever way of keeping your lawn looking fantastic. Scotts Seed & Feed grows thick, lush grass with minimal effort and Trev shows you how.
  • Scotts Seed & Feed comes in all different varieties such as: Couch, Kikuyu, Feed & Repair and Sun & Shade.
  • This lawn thickener fills in the gaps between the tufts of grass and seed germinates. The fertiliser feeds the existing lawn and the seed. A great way to keep your grass looking healthy all year.

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