Beat-A-Weed Natural Weedkiller

Episode: 2
Title: Beat-A-Weed Natural Weedkiller
Broadcast: Mar 25
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Weeds are a fact of life in the garden and if they get out of hand they can become a big problem because they attract pests and disease and they look nasty. Nige shows us how to deal with weeds quick, easy and environmentally friendly.

  • Richgro Beat-a-Weed contains natural actives - acetic acid/vinegar and sodium chloride/salt.
  • Glyphosate Free.
  • Salt dehydrates the plants whilst the acid burns the leaves and roots.  It works by dehydrating the unwanted plants, burning it from the top down.
  • Recommended to use on a sunny day and receive results within hours. Results are seen as browning and wilting of the plant and can be seen within hours of application.
  • Controls weeds, Moss and Algae.
  • 1l RTU, 3L RTU and 1L Concentrate.

P: (08) 6258 7100