Autumn Tidy Up

Episode: 3
Title: Autumn Tidy Up
Broadcast: Apr 1
Presenter: Melissa King

Today Melissa shows us the right tool for the right job for your Autumn garden tidy up. She shows us 5 different rakes in action and the different applications for each one, as well as a multipurpose shovel, which is great for picking up leaves.

  • Lawn & Leaf Rake – A traditional rake with aluminium head. Great for smaller areas, suitable for raking leaves, grass clippings and weeds, preparing lawns for top dressings and teasing established lawns
  • Great Aussie Super Rake – A plastic rake with huge wide head which means you get more done in less time. The aluminium handle is lightweight, meaning less fatigue. Great for large open spaces. The tines comb the grass meaning you leave little behind. Great for leaves, litter, sand and lawn clippings. Turn it over and use the scraper for levelling sand and top dressing.
  • 16 Tine Landscapers Rake – A robust, heavy-duty rake for raking heavier or wet soils and stones, and for raking leaves on surfaces other than grass. The 90-degree angle head provides substantial strength.
  • Courtyard Rakes (Short Handle and Long Handle) – These rakes are for cleaning and clearing more awkward spots, and around close shrubs and garden beds. Featuring a narrow head, these rakes are lighter and smaller, making them ideal for small courtyards, apartments and and tight urban spaces. They come in a short (450mm) handle and long (1200mm) handle lengths.
  • Multipurpose Shovel – This shovel is made from durable polypropylene, and is virtually unbreakable!  The one-piece construction ensures there are no weak points, and fatigue is reduced because the tool is very light and capable of shifting large loads with generous single load capacity. It is great for scooping all sorts of materials, and its bevelled lip means it is ideal for scooping up piles of leaves after raking, especially off concrete surfaces.

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