Mowing Made Easy – Cub Cadet XT 2 Enduro Series

Episode: 4
Title: Mowing Made Easy – Cub Cadet XT 2 Enduro Series
Broadcast: Apr 8
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor often gets asked how he goes about maintaining his garden and it is one of the important things anyone with a garden can do. He gives us some tips and shows how you can design a garden to reduce maintenance.

  • Hardstand areas that are paved require very little maintenance.
  • Lawns contained within boarders reduce weeds running into the garden.
  • For those of us with large lawns, machinery can play a huge part in reducing workload.
  • Line trimmers and push trimmers are all fantastic for lawns but when you’ve got a huge area you really need a ride on mower to make your job easier.
  • This tractor mower really is the top of the range. It makes it a dream to maintain your garden, with lots of features to help you get out and take care of your lawn.
  • Cub Cadet really sits at the serious end of the ride-on market, with so many features to help you reduce maintenance, increase efficience and make caring for your huge lawn easy.
  • The catcher also allows you to easily catch lawn as you go along, making incredible mulch for your garden.

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