Cyclone Company Brand

Episode: 5
Title: Cyclone Company Brand
Broadcast: Apr 15
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The difference between garden success and failure is often down to the quality of the products you use to keep your garden looking good. Today Trevor introduces you to some must have tools for your garden.

  • Quality garden tools will last a long time and every garden shed should have Cyclone tools. They’ve been around for 100 years and relied on by the trade because the tools last.
  • The tools carry a lifetime guarantee and it’s all because of the quality of the product. The key collection of tools for a small garden include hand tools, a post hole shovel, superake, multi-purpose shovel and the all important cultivator.
  • Trevor rates one certain tool as the most important and useful tool he has in the shed and everybody should have one. It’s a 3-prong cultivator; they are absolutely essential if you’ve got a vegetable garden.
  • By opening the soil up, scraping the weeds out, you ensure that the microbial activity is at its absolute best and this means that your veggies are so much stronger and healthier and they just taste fantastic.
  • Quality tools are an investment that pays off long into the future and using Cyclone tools with a lifetime guarantee is an investment in your garden success.

Cyclone Tools
P: 1800 335 019