Monty’s Surprise

Episode: 5
Title: Monty’s Surprise
Broadcast: Apr 15
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

You know what they say - "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and in this case it really does. Mel shows us one incredible apple that not only tastes delicious, it’s supersized and it has the highest level of antioxidants of any apple around.

  • Monty’s Surprise was was selected and made available to Australian gardeners by PlantNet, who saw huge potential for the apple in both health and flavour so now you can grow it at home.
  • Scientific research shows that Monty’s Surprise has some of the highest flavonoids and antioxidant levels of any variety of apple found in the world - both in the skin and flesh - all of which help the immune system to fight disease.
  • It’s not just healthy it’s tops for taste, too. The fruit is extra large it gets to about 120mls across and the skin has a lovely red blush to it. The fruit itself is sweet and crisp and tastes delicious straight from the tree, juiced or made into pies, sauces.
  • The tree itself is graphed onto a dwarf root stock so it only gets to about 2mtrs tall and about 1mtr wide so it’s perfect for a sunny corner of the garden.
  • Like most apples, Monty’s Surprise needs a pollinating partner to produce a good crop of fruit so planted alongside other tasty varieties like Pinkabelle, Leprechaun, Red & Gold & Delicious or Gala and you’ll be harvesting tasty, flavour packed apples all season long.
  • So look out for Monty’s Surprise in your local garden center nationally or have it delivered straight to your door from PlantNet’s online shop.

P: (07) 3491 9905