Autumn Harvest

Episode: 6
Title: Autumn Harvest
Broadcast: Apr 22
Presenter: Steve Wood

Today we’re visiting one of Steve’s favourite gardens, which is situated on the Perth sandplane and provides unique environment for its owner to contemplate one of the most important projects he’s been involved in.

  • The soils here are regarded some of the worst on the planet but with the help from a little clay and a whole lot of organic material, the garden has become a tropical oasis that not only looks great but also provides loads of fresh produce all year round.
  • There’s custard apples, dragon fruit, mangos, blood oranges, native limes. This is a garden that just keeps on giving.
  • When we add clay to a soil the fine clay particles closes up the gaps between the sand so when we add precious organic material such as mushroom compost and animal manures, instead of them disappearing down through the sand they stay in the top 20-30 Centre meters in the soil exactly where they belong.
  • Steve speaks with CEO of West Australia’s Breast Cancer Research Centre on some of their favourite grown in the garden and some of the amazing work that the research centre is doing.
  • This is certainly a garden that offers inspiration in more ways than one. If you would like to support the Breast Cancer Research Centre in achieving their goals visit their website at

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