Secrets to Gardening Success – Step 7

Episode: 7
Title: Seasol Secrets to Gardening Success – Step 7
Broadcast: Apr 29 2017
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

In this series of The Garden Gurus I’sm showing you the 9 Steps the Autumn Gardening Success and this week Nigel shows us step 7.

  • Nigel has been using Seasol and PowerFeed for years with excellent results and now the same company has brought out a new range of plant foods that’ss got fantastic for all of your plants.
  • Seaweed has been used for centuries and is excellent for boosting plant health, stimulating strong root growth and as an all round plant tonic, reducing environment stresses such as heat, drought and frost.
  • PowerFeed, which is a fish–based plant food, is excellent for promoting vigorous growth, flowering and fruiting.
  • And let’ss not forget the Troforte, which is all the beneficial microbes to help improve the soil and aid with the uptake of nutrients. It’ss also perfect for natives.
  • It’ss hard to imagine that all of that goodness is packed into these tiny prills. But it is! Along with the all–purpose blend there are also formulas designed for tomato’s and veggies with specific NPK nutrient blends to boost your yields and a dedicated flowering, fruits and citrus blend for all your edibles.
  • Application is easy, just sprinkle and spread it over the garden every three months or at the start of each season. Just make sure you follow the application rates!

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