My Garden

Episode: 7
Title: My Garden
Broadcast: Apr 29 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Autumn is an absolutely fantastic time of the year in the garden and Trev loves it in his. There are so many highlights and he just loves to show it off! So come on, join Trev as he shows you around.

  • The colour is about to change from flower to foliage and Trev’s really excited at the prospects of his beautiful October glory maples colouring up. This is a tree that will perform anywhere and the colours are amazing.
  • Another colour highlight is the flower garden. The roses are almost at the end of the cycle but Trevs famile are still picking flowers!
  • When it comes to autumn harvest it's hard to beat the beautiful tropical tree, the mango. We see Trevor’s Kensington Pride, which is the best for most city gardens and it'll grow just about everywhere in Australia.
  • Another tree that is a bit unusual is the tree tomato or tomatillo. It's a subtropical tree species from South America. The fruits are red or yellow and they're really unusual as they're a savoury flavoured fruit, making it fabulous with cheese and biscuits and maybe a little red wine.
  • Trevor decides to plant out an old chook pen area with some citrus, a few late navels and some avocado varieties as well. They're dwarf trees with a wider delivery of fruit over the season.
  • Trevor also shows us one plant that the more you eat the more weight you lose until your body reaches its perfect natural balance! The Yacon! Yacon is available at Waldecks if you’re from WA ( or Daley’s Fruit Tree Nursery anywhere else in Australia (

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