Pinkabelle Apple

Episode: 7
Title: Pinkabelle Apple
Broadcast: Apr 29 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Mel loves dwarf fruit trees as they fit neatly into a decorative pot or a sunny corner of the garden but still produce a full sized crop of fruit and today she shows us a real star.

  • The Pinkabelle Apple and it’ss one of the stars in PlantNet’ss collection of Dwarf Fruit Trees called Backyard Beauty. These are naturally small tree so it only gets to about 2–2.5 meters tall but sure crops well!
  • Pinkabelle Apple was released by PlantNet in 2007 and it’ss still one of the most popular fruit trees around.
  • The apples are full sized, richly coloured and super tasty and the tree crops from autumn to winter.
  • Pinkabelle makes a beautiful feature tree for a small garden or courtyard or you could grow it in big tubs on a sunny patio, it also makes a lovely fruiting hedge or screen.
  • Like most apples you’sll need a pollinating partner to produce a good crop of fruit and if you’sre after another pint sized tasty variety then look out for one called Leprechaun.
  • Leprechaun is a naturally dwarf granny smith that has a lovely similar habit to Pinkabelle and produces a full sized crop of flavorsome fruit that’ss great for pies and cakes.
  • So keep an eye out for Pinkabelle and Leprechaun apples nationally in your local garden center or get online and check out PlantNet’s online shop.

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