Garden Pruning

Episode: 7
Title: Garden Pruning
Broadcast: Apr 29 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

When the weather is cooler in autumn it’ss a great time to get out into the garden and give you and your pruning tools a really good workout. Tidy up perennials, trim back hedges and cut out any dead or diseased wood. Mel shows us a tool to make it all easier!

  • When a pair of secateurs won’t do the job that’ss when you need to step up to a pair of Compound Bypasspers, which are made for branches that are too thick for a pruner to get through.
  • The secret to its cutting ability? High strength forged steel blades and compound leverage, which makes light work of cutting solid branches and the aluminum handles are strong, lightweight and designed for comfort, meaning you can cut for longer.
  • If you want great cutting capacity for very little effort then you’sll also love the ratchet bypass lopper. The ratchet does all the work for you, which means that when you cut through big branches and tougher jobs it’ss a breeze.
  • For those higher branches look out for a telescopic ratchet bypass lopper, with the same power and ease of cutting but with telescopic handles that give you extra reach.
  • Cyclone hedge shears slide through the foliage beautifully and easily so you get a nice clean cut and they have strong lightweight aluminum handles and comfortable grips so you can use them for longer without fatigue and get the perfect finish you’sre looking for.
  • A good pair of Cyclone loppers or shears is a good investment on so many levels. They save you time and effort in the garden and they all come with non–stick, easy to clean blades plus they’sre tough and long lasting so you get a lifetime of gardening out of them.

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