Aquaponic Pods

Episode: 7
Title: Aquaponic Pods
Broadcast: Apr 29 2017
Presenter: Calinda Anderson

Growing vegetables, herbs, fish, marran, yabbies’ at home with aquaponics is so easy to do and there is a vast array of different sizes and ways in which you can set them up. Today we look at why the aquaponic pod is a fantastic addition to your garden.

  • If you’sre a bit worried about setting up an aquaponics system or you just don’st have the space –perhaps a balcony or a courtyard is all you have– then you are going to love the aquaponic pod.
  • The productive aquaponic pod lets you combine the sites and sounds of water. The great thing about the aquaponic pod is that the plants will be using the fish waste as their fertiliser. The plants will then be filtering the water, keeping the fish happy and the water clear.
  • The aquaponic pod is available in lots of different colours and it’ss small enough and light enough for anyone to carry. If you position it where you get all the morning sun and a little shade in the afternoon you will have great success.
  • Once the pod sets it balance and matures, and this process can take 2–3 months, it’ss relatively low in maintenance. You will only have to clean out the pump if it gets blocked, thin out the plants if they get too big and feed the fish.
  • The aquaponics pod is available to purchase as a full kit so it’sll come with everything you need to make it really easy to set it up and start your own aquaponics.

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