Solahart Sustainable Living

Episode: 7
Title: Solahart Sustainable Living
Broadcast: Apr 29 2170
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Today we learn how you can create a more sustainable lifestyle, help reduce your carbon footprint and possibly even increase the value of your home.

  • Everyday more and more Australians are discovering the benefits of switching to an energy source that’s clean and green, like solar.
  • By switching to solar, you’ll be making a big difference to your household budget whilst doing your bit for the planet.
  • With electric water heating accounting for around 25% of the average home’s energy consumption, switching to a Solahart Solar Hot Water system and getting hot water free from the sun, will save up to 3 tones of carbon every year. Adding Solar Power to your home and getting energy free from the sun will reduce your carbon footprint even more.
  • There are many studies around that indicate adding any significant energy saving initiative such as solar to your home, drastically increases its value and adding a quality Solahart system to your roof or a battery storage system will only enhance this notion.
  • To create a more sustainable lifestyle and save money on your household energy bill, talk to Solahart today. And remember, it’s not just solar, it’s Solahart.

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