Seasol brand company profile

Episode: 7
Title: Seasol brand company profile
Broadcast: Apr 29 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

One of the products that we’sve been consistently recommending on The Garden Gurus since we started back in 2002 is Seasol! Any good gardener will know about it.

  • Seasol is an amazing seaweed tonic. It’ss not a plant food, it’ss something that stimulates microbial activity in your soil, improving soil health and that improves the health of your plants roots, which means you end up with beautiful, plush healthy plants.
  • As the years have passed we have discovered that Seasol is fantastic to help heat–stressed plants in the hottest, harshest of droughts and helps plants when they are frozen by frosts.
  • Seasol really is the ’sgo to’s when it comes to keeping the garden healthy and every garden shed should have a bottle somewhere.
  • The same people behind this beautiful product introduced a plant fertiliser called PowerFeed. With a strong fish base it proved extremely helpful in getting edible gardens booming away. Use in combination with Seasol and the results are amazing.
  • And don’t forget the more recent PowerFeed, which has evolved with a new controlled release formula that feeds over several months delivering a complex mixture of minerals and nutrients but also utilising their Troforte M technology to boost the soils beneficial micro populations.
  • If you want a healthy happy garden these are the products that should live in your garden shed, too.

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