What it Takes to Grow a Plant

Episode: 10
Title: What it Takes to Grow a Plant
Broadcast: May 27 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you’ve ever gone into the garden center and thought the plants that you’re buying there are expensive then you will be interested in this story. This is all about what a grower goes through to produce a plant for you.

  • Today we visit a nursery called Floraplant, which is probably the few places in Australia as efficient at producing beautiful flowering pot plants.
  • The nursery produces hundreds of thousands of colour plants, including Chrysanthemums, all year around in a range of beautiful flower colours.
  • If you look carefully you’ll note that every single plant is the same height, width and has rougly the same number of flowers. This is because of two things: the variety selected and the way they’ve grown.
  • The nursery employs state of the art technology including huge glass houses that provide a completely controlled environment by computer-controlled screens, shading the plants from direct sunlight. If it gets too hot blowers kick in and they start to cool the area as well.
  • The plants are watered by a flood irrigation system, watering from the bottom up. This is vitally important with plants with lush flowers. You don’t want the flowers getting mildew because they’re getting wet in humid conditions.
  • The quality control process sees the nurserymen watching carefully over the plants throughout their growing period, watching for nutrient deficiency, pest control, growth performance and if any of the plants are not suitable they’re removed from the crop to ensure that the quality of every single plant in the crop is perfect.
  • Typically a crop of plants will be grown from cutting or tissue culture and could take anywhere between 6-months and a year to grow in a small pot before it can be sold and even before that happens the plant needs to be picked, labeled, packed into cartons, placed on trolleys and shipped by truck to garden centers.
  • The next time you pop into your local garden center and you’re looking at a plant, think of the number of hours that have taken to grow this, the number of hands that have touched it, the amount of care and effort that’s gone into nurturing it. Plants really are just great value.

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