Kalamunda Community Garden

Episode: 1
Title: Kalamunda Community Garden
Broadcast: August 19, 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

This series, we’ve got the pleasure of visiting community gardens all over Australia. Today, we’re at Kalamunda Community Garden where Trevor shows you what’s special about this garden in the Perth Hills.

  • Community gardens are becoming more and more popular because people love coming together to grow food, and have a sense of community.
  • Kalamunda Community Garden was started a few years ago, and has brought a group of like-minded people together to produce food and share ideas.
  • Claire Palmer is a coordinator here, and talks about the significance of the ‘Overflow House’ at the front of the property, which was built in 1895 by the Stirk Family.
  • The gardens here have to be built up off the ground due to the clay rock, which while rich in nutrients, is impenetrable when compacted.
  • The secret to getting such great garden results up here in The Hills, according to Claire, is mulching. Here they routinely mulch, and sprinkle donated horse manure from local families.
  • Despite the people up here having their own gardens, they still participate in the community garden.
  • Here, it’s more about community above all else. Here, you’re building a community hub where you can learn how to sow, grow, harvest, and then preserve your harvest.
  • Your local community garden is a great way to produce food when you don’t have room at home. It’s also a terrific way to meet members of your local community.

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