Troforte Rejuven8tor

Episode: 2
Title: Troforte Rejuven8tor
Broadcast: August 26, 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Winter is now over and there may be patches of your garden that look bare and unresponsive. We show you a product to help your garden flourish.

  • Using Troforte Rejuven8or on the garden will quickly bring back the healthy balances in the soils and thereby making everything uniformly lush.
  • Troforte Rejuven8tor is a proudly Australian made innovation in fertiliser technology.
  • Up to 24 strains of well researched beneficial soil microbes and fungi are encapsulated in this amazing fertiliser together with around 60 essential minerals and slow release fertiliser.
  • This combination will quickly get to work as soon as you apply and water in.
  • Moisture acts as a trigger to activate the microbes which get to work repairing the soils.
  • The mini prill size of the Rejuven8or are very easy to spread evenly and get into the topsoil faster.
  • Rejuven8tor lasts up to 4 months after which you can use Troforte All Purpose 2 or 3 times a year to ensure your garden remains in optimum condition all year round.

P: (08) 9302 1633