Forrestfield Primary

Episode: 2
Title: Forrestfield Primary
Broadcast: August 26, 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor visits Forrestfield Primary school to see their school garden and finds the driving force behind the gardening program, which gives the kids a better understanding of what goes into producing the food that they eat.

  • The garden started 7 years ago when they had a small vegetable patch that was vandalized, the kids were devastated and wanted to build a bigger one.
  • They use raised garden beds, but to be productive the soil has to be worked a lot to improve its nutritional base and increasing its microbial content.
  • There are no chemicals used on the garden and its all organic. The worm farm, sheep and cow manure are the only things they replace in the soil.
  • It's also a community garden so if you live in Forrestfield come and get involved in the garden!
  • All the kids react very positively to the garden, sometimes kids who have issues also come down to the garden as they find it a calming environment.
  • Richgro Blood and Bone that contains blood and bone, blood meal, and naturally occurring pot ash. 150 grams or three handfuls per square meter of the product while spreading and cultivating it will give the best results. After watering the soil you'll see the results after a few weeks.

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