Setting up a Spring Vegie patch

Episode: 2
Title: Setting up a Spring Vegie patch
Broadcast: August 26, 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Today Trevor takes us to his home garden where he gives you his tips for his vegetable garden he has rested over the winter period.

  • These garden beds were made up of compost from the green rubbish bins, 80% of this is compostable.
  • The importance of composting is very serious. When people don't recycle properly this effects composting.
  • Trevor plants tomatoes, onions and basil groves which reflects his families use of these in summer salads. He uses Richro blood and bone to cultivate and turn over the soil
  • The raised garden beds are extremely productive, he constantly harvests from them and then improves the soil after.
  • Trev uses Richgro to enrich soil that has had a bit of time to rest to get the best results. 150 grams per square meter which is equal to 4 handfuls per square meter. For the best results you have to spread it out and cultivate it in.
  • Watering the soil and leaving it for a few days to rest before planting is very important.
  • Trevor allows the seedlings to sit for about a week to climatise to their new environment, as in nursery's the seedlings are usually a bit soft and need to harden.
  • Watering if also extremely important after planting.

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