Troforte Fert-O-Lawn

Episode: 3
Title: Troforte Fert-O-Lawn
Broadcast: September 2, 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Imagine a lush dark green lawn, healthy and free of weeds and patches. Now have a look at your lawn… What’s the difference? Probably a good feed, and today Trev lets us in on his little secret.

  • The right lawn feed makes the world of difference to the outcome… but there’s one thing you must recognize first.. have you got thatch?
  • Thatch is the natural build up of leaf littler from aging foliage and lawn mowing and when it builds up under the foliage of your lawn it becomes spongy. Come summer time heavily thatched lawns can get patches and once they dry out they are almost impossible to rewet.
  • How do you get rid of Thatch? Professionals use a mechanical dethatches but there’s a natural option, one that can feed your lawn for months at the same time. It's a terrific new innovation that's changing the way we think about caring for lawns.
  • This is Troforte Fert-O-Lawn. Rich in beneficial microbes, some that rapidly eat thatch, turning it into valuable humus and nutrients, others that protect roots from pathogens, others that convert minerals to food for developing roots.
  • At the same time its balanced mineral ingredients release slowly over 4 months and best of all its an Aussie invention!
  • If you want the perfect lawn, feed it with this stuff, mow weekly from here on and make sure its watered deeply twice weekly.

P: (08) 9302 1633