Richgro Black Marvel Citrus

Episode: 3
Title: Richgro Black Marvel Citrus
Broadcast: September 2, 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

One of the most commonly asked garden question is how to get lemon to grow strongly. Well, it doesn’t matter whether your growing oranges, lemons, mandarins or grapefruit… there’s a few basic rules that apply with citrus and Trevor tells you all about them.

  • Regardless of whether you grow them in pots, in the sandy soils of Perth or the rich loams of Melbourne. The important thing with citrus of any kind is the nutrition you provide them, in fact 90% of problems relate to the plants nutritional health, so feeding is vitally important.
  • But first, the rules to get started include planting in a bright sunny position, ideally protected from strong winds. Always enrich the soil with lots of organics when planting.. and most importantly mulch the soils surface to reduce weed competition and keep soil moisture levels.
  • Not all fertilisers are the same, in fact the difference can be enormous. If your fertilizer has a NPK balance but is not rich in iron, magnesium and trace elements the tree will struggle, it will have mottled yellowish foliage and because it is not as healthy and strong as it could be it will be more susceptible to pest and disease attacks.
  • Richgro the 100 year old gardening company have recognized the need for healthy citrus and developed a special formula to keep them growing strong.
  • Richgro Black Marvel Citrus is is a blend of nutrients including a good dose of Nitrogen for rich green colour and fast canopy and foliage development, iron for strengthening the plants immune system and resistance to pests and the special ingredient of added potash, which turns those sour oranges sweet makes this special.
  • The other vitally important ingredient is the broad blend of trace elements, these do all sorts things but much like us citrus need a diet complex in mineral nutrients. These ensure we are as healthy as can be and this is equally important for citrus.
  • Applying this fertilizer around the drip line will ensure the trees look incredible and are as productive as they possibly can be.

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