Hanging Herbs and Veg

Episode: 3
Title: Hanging Herbs and Veg
Broadcast: September 2, 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Every child should have the opportunity to get their hands in the earth and grow their own food so today Mel is visiting a school that is putting gardening and cooking on the menu so kids are connected with where their food comes from, its nutritional value and how to cook with it.

  • Montmorency Primary School is a thriving school close to the heart of Montmorency Village and is growing little green thumbs through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Program since 2008.
  • This program is all about teaching kids how to grow, harvest and eat their own food so they develop positive food habits for life and it’s fully integrated into the curriculum so the garden is a living classroom.
  • The students learn many things in the garden such as weeding, pruning, propagating, fertilising so the kids get to learn how a garden works.
  • The produce the kids have planted and then harvested themselves is then taken to the mini market or cooked with. The students grow and cook their own food!
  • The garden has become a learning ground for things other than gardening such as sustainability, biodiversity and the students seem to have more of an appreciation of the natural environment now and are really aware of the goodness of good food.

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