5 things to do this Spring

Episode: 3
Title: 5 things to do this Spring
Broadcast: September 2, 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There’s always something new to do in the garden but today Trev shows us 5 things that will keep your plants looking great and might even save you some money.

  • If your weed and feeding your lawn, turn the hose on to the lowest possible pressure before starting. Do NOT spray on a windy day, do not allow any mist to come in contact with any plants you value. Mist from this herbicide landing on roses may will set them back for the rest of the year, and maybe even kill some.
  • Roses need a good feed NOW.. Richgro Black Marvel Rose food is a specialist blend that is incredibly good for roses. It promotes strong flowering, robust growth and hardens the rose bushes cell walls up helping it resist fungal and pest attack.
  • Natural weed control is very important.. Glyphosate is a chemical that has several retail names you will know and it was the standard go to for weed control in the past. You won't see us use it on this show anymore and we have reverted to some natural controls that are very effective against weeds.
  • It's a great time to feed your whole garden but maybe you need to think differently. If you’ve never added rock minerals now is a great time to do it. Applying these over well mulched beds enriches the soil with essential minerals and nutrients that release slowly over a couple of years.
  • Split, divide and replant your favourite clumping or running plants. It's a pretty simple process, lift the plant, break it up and replant the divided plants in either pots. In this case Trevs Raspberries moved out of the garden bed and its time to lift the canes and pop them into a new home.

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