Episode: 4
Title: Daffodils
Broadcast: September 9th 2017
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Here at the top of Mount Tomah, nestled in the heart of the picturesque Blue Mountains, lies the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. Nigel takes a look.

  • The garden is home to around 21 000 plants, with 900 different species – and it’s the only botanical garden in the world that’s within a World Heritage Area.
  • One of the many highlights here, is the Brunette Meadow, which is home to the annual Daffodil Festival.
  • Matt Murray, dubbed ‘King of the Bulbs’, explains how the Daffodil Festival began, with the garden being approached by the Cancer Council as a way to support their activities.
  • The garden features the classic King Alfred Daffodil, as well as a multitude of other varities from pink ones to double ones – who knew there was this many types of daffodil?
  • And it’s not just daffodils that they have here either; in spring, the garden is absolutely bursting with colour, all from cool-climate, Southern Hemisphere origins.
  • Come and see this natural wonder for yourself!

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