North Beach Primary School

Episode: 4
Title: North Beach Primary School
Broadcast: September 9th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

North Beach Primary School has been doing some fantastic things for the environment for the past 25 years, so Trevor takes a look.

  • In 2011, with grants from the waste authority, North Beach Primary School developed a garden called The Patch, and leading what has grown into the impressive sustainability project, is Matt Pavlenko – a parent at the school.
  • Matt explains the kids’ involvement in the garden, particulary in the mulch heap, which they love getting dirty in.
  • The school has gotten grants from a number of different organisations – one from the City of Stirling, and one from the Water Wise Corporation.
  • They use the produce to run cooking classes with the students, where they were able to provide food for a federal election held at the school.
  • Any excess is available for the kids to take home and enjoy.
  • It really is a great sustainability model for other schools to follow!

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