Wattles at Cranbourne Gardens

Episode: 4
Title: Wattles at Cranbourne Gardens
Broadcast: September 9th 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Wattles in bloom are a great indicator that spring is just around the corner, so Melissa takes you to a place that has over 180 different species.

  • Wattles are such a diverse group of plants, coming in every shape and size. So there’s bound to be a variety perfect for your garden
  • According to John, from Cranbourne Gardens, wattles are the biggest plant group in Australia, approaching a thousand species of wattle in the Australian flora. With that much diversity, they make great garden plants.
  • John takes you through the garden, showing you the different varieties of Wattle, from the screening plant Acacia Cardiophylla, to the Snowy River Wattle Acacia Boormanii.
  • John then explains the story behind Acacia Leprosa, the Scarlet Wattle, which was discovered by bushwalkers in a woodland north of Melbourne. This plant is unique because of its unusual red flowers, and is now available to gardeners everywhere.
  • Wattles are just so diverse that there really is something for every garden.

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