Seasol Foliar Spray

Episode: 4
Title: Seasol Foliar Spray
Broadcast: September 9th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

After the harshness of winter, your indoor plants need a bit of love. Trevor shows you a fantastic new product from Seasol that’s bound to give your plants the added boost they need, just in time for spring.

  • After winter, your plants have been inside sucking up common house polutents, making now the perfect time to take them outside for some TLC.
  • The first thing you do is take your plant out, and have a good look at it. Then you need to go around and trim off all the old foliage.
  • If necessary, you can take the plant out of the pot and replace some of the soil with a really good potting mix.
  • The next stage is really important, where it’s time to reinvigorate the plant, and there’s two ways to do it : adding a fertilizer boost is one way (always use a controlled-release plant food. Power-Feed, with Troforte Technology will provide nutruents, that will be released over several months, encouraging strong growth).
  • Though one of the best things you can do, is get your hands on some Seasol Foliar Spray, which when sprayed directly on the foliage, stimulates new plant growth. Because it is applied directly to the leaves, it’s absorbed instantly.
  • For best reults, apply it twice a week for the next 3-4 months
  • Its special formula, which includes trace elements, ensures a rapid recovery from the harsh winter months. Get your hands on some now!


P: 1800 335 508