The Briars

Episode: 5
Title: The Briars
Broadcast: September 16th 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Join Melissa as she takes a step back in time, at The Briars in Mount Martha.

  • The Briars was one of the region’s first pastoral runs, originally settled in 1840 by Captain James Reid, a retired army officer.
  • Today, the property is cared for by the Mornington Peninsula Shire and the National Trust, so now you can take a step back in time too.
  • The 1840s homestead is a living museum, but it’s the ornamental garden and heritage vegetable patch that really brings the place to life.
  • The ornamental garden still contains many of the features of a grand Victorian garden, such as this ancient camellia, which was planted in the mid 1850s. It’s called Aspasia, with delicate pink flowers.
  • In the late 1800s, the vegetable garden was the lifeblood of the homestead, so the produce grown here was dictated by the seasons.
  • Today, the garden offers treasured heirloom varieties which are reminiscent of the era. And seeds are collected, sewn, and saved, to preserve these old varieties.
  • The homestead, and the 230 hectares of land that it occupies, have a special place in the history of the area, as well as cultural significance to the Boon Wurrung Aborigines. The property’s wildlife reserve also offers a haven for local flora and fauna.
  • If you want to experience life during the 1800s, The Briars is the place for you.

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