Trevor’s Gardening Tips

Episode: 5
Title: Trevor’s Gardening Tips
Broadcast: September 16th 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows you an assortment of plants, from calming lavender to drought resistant eucalypts, and how best to make the most of your soils.

  • Lavender is a really great plant to grow in springtime, and bringing the flowers inside your home is a great way to alleviate stress and relax the mind. It’s also a great source of nectar for bees in the spring
  • Arctotis, or African Daisy is a great ground cover, offering gorgeous flowers that’ll follow the sun throughout the day. A wildflower from South Africa, they come in a range of beautiful colours.
  • When it comes to trees, there are few as tough and yet graceful as Eucalyptus Caesia. Known as Gungurru, or Silver Princess, this is a truly remarkable tree originating from the goldfields of Western Australia.
  • These trees are incredibly tough, having adapted to a really difficult environment. Their big wooden knot of a root system, formally known as a lignotuber, stores starch and water, as well as growth buds, enabling it to recover spectacularly following bushfires.
  • To get the most of your soil, no matter what the condition, mulching does a world of good. The worms and microbes in the soil will naturally aerate the ground’s surface, and convert organic matter into food for developing roots.
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