DIY Edibles

Episode: 5
Title: DIY Edibles
Broadcast: September 16th 2017
Presenter: Bonnie

One of the best things you can do around the garden is grow your own produce, but did you know that you can even grow and brew your own herbal tea? Bonnie shows you how.

  • Growing a tea garden is a great way to experiment with different herbs, whether you grow them in a raised garden bed, or in pots, they’re extremely easy to grow, if you follow this guide
  • There are so many flavorsome herbs that can be used to grow herbal tea: Peppermint and spearmint are great for making a refreshing tea. They’re also good for relieving nausea, and they have a fantastic fragrance. Bonnie recommends planting them in a pot, as they have the tendency to spread.
  • All herbs need a good soil to grow in. Bonnie recommends a premium potting mix that contains wetting agents, controlled-release fertilizer, and water-storing crystals.
  • If you want to grow something a bit different, and have a bit of a soft spot for chocolate, why not grow chocolate mint?
  • Another great herb is lemonbalm, which is very easy to grow and great for the winter months, as it can help keep colds at bay.
  • Most herbs require lots of sunlight, with access to the afternoon sun. Daily watering in the summer months is also important in keeping them happy and healthy.
  • Herbs are also very hungry, so make sure you give them a fortnightly feed of PowerFeed.
  • So now that you have the necessary knowledge, it’s time to start your very own tea garden. Happy planting!

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