Holman Greenwall Vertical Gardening Kit

Episode: 6
Title: Holman Greenwall Vertical Gardening Kit
Broadcast: September 23rd 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

In small gardens, or where space is limited, why not plant a vertical garden? Trevor shows you how, and it’s easier than you might think.

  • We ran a facebook competition, where one of our fans could win their very own Holman Green Wall Vertical Garden built in their garden. Alicia Hitchcock is our winner.
  • The system we use is super clever. For a start, it is easily mounted to a wall. The magic of these frames gets into the design; it has an inbuilt watering system, emitting precise amounts of water into each pot.
  • Once the frames are secured in place, it’s time to plant the pots. Each pot has a water-holding design, with a false base, allowing for a small water well to attain some water.
  • Other vertical walls make it very difficult to replace something that’s died, but with the Holman Greenwall System, just clip on the pot, and place the watering nozzle. It couldn’t get any simpler.
  • For this wall, Trevor is using a huge variety of Swan Valley herbs and edible plants. There’s really no limit when it comes to what you can use
  • The easiest way to water is hooking the hose up to a Holman tap timer, set it, and forget it.
  • If you want to learn more about this innovative way to garden, simply visit the Holman website listed below.

P: (08) 9204 1011
W: www.holmanindustries.com.au