My Garden

Episode: 6
Title: My Garden
Broadcast: September 23rd 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

In this segment, Trevor takes us on a tour through his own garden.

  • First, we visit the lawn, which bears a vibrant green coloring. This is thanks to Troforte Fert-O-Lawn. Trevor recommends that you mow your lawn twice weekly, to encourage new growth for the warmer months to come.
  • Next, Trevor takes us to his native garden, which is still a work in progress. He advises for best results, you plant tubes in the winter. Here he has lobelias, dampiera, groundcover banksias, and transplanted some old grasstrees into local gravel and Pilbara red Pindan dirt.
  • Grasstrees are an incredibly architectural plant, and these ones are very slow growing.
  • Next, Trevor shows us his blossoming fruit trees, which provide an excellent source of food for his bees.
  • One of the first fruits Trevor gets to harvest is a cooler climate papaya known as Babaco. It has a very unique flavour, tasting a bit like licorice with a sherbetty tang to it. Because it doesn’t produce seeds, you have to grow this plant from cuttings.

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