Mulching (Cranbourne Gardens)

Episode: 6
Title: Mulching (Cranbourne Gardens)
Broadcast: September 23rd 2017
Presenter: Melissa King

Adding a good layer of mulch is one of the best things you can do for your garden, and Melissa shows you why.

  • Not only does mulch help to conserve moisture in the soil, but it also helps deter weeds.
  • Aside from these obvious benefits to your plants, mulch can also transform your garden and ready it for the party season.
  • Melissa has taken us down to Cranbourne Gardens to see mulch in action.
  • Melissa is a fan of the organic mulches which break down over time, nourishing and enriching the soil. She recommends using a finer mulch so that it is more efficient at nourishing your garden.
  • For your veggie garden, try straw mulch. Not only does it last throughout the season, but when it’s time to plant again, you can very easily dig it right back into the soil.
  • Chunky bark mulch is great for shrub and ornamental beds, where you won’t be digging a lot. Just be sure to know where your mulch comes from, in case it contains weed seeds.
  • Inorganic mulches such as pebbles and rocks do not break down, so they will not contribute to soil fertility. They will however help conserve water and protect against weeds.
  • One common mulching mistake is layering it on too thick. A layer just 5-7cm in thickness is all you need. Did you know that a layer of mulch just 7cm thick can reduce water evaporation from the soil’s surface by up to 70%?
  • With this guide, you’ll become a mulch expert in no time, with a vibrant and healthy garden to boot.

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