DIY Ornamentals

Episode: 7
Title: DIY Ornamentals
Broadcast: September 30th 2017
Presenter: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs

One of the best ways to add colour to a shaded area of the garden is by planting up a hanging basket for an eye-catching display. Today Bonnie shows us how.

  • The first step for this project is you will be needing a basket. Bonnie picked hers up at her local garden centre  but you can use anything that you like. You will also need a liner and coconut fibre is the one usually used. The liner is what will hold the plants and soil together in the basket.
  • To grow a successful hanging basket, you need to know how many plants your basket will need. The diameter of the basket will determine how many plants can be used. In a 30cm basket you can plant 3-5 starter plants and in a 50cm basket you can plant 5-6.
  • Most baskets will come with a liner but for an unusual shaped basket, you can find pre-cut basket liners or loose coconut fibre at your local garden centre.
  • Using a good quality potting mix is the secret to a great hanging basket. A potting mix which has water storing crystals and water agents will help to retain moisture during the warmer months. This is important for combination baskets like this one.
  • Once you have finished planting, water your plants in with Seasol to help settle their roots. It’s also good to liquid feed your basket weekly or fortnightly with Powerfeed and you will get some amazing results! Your plants will thank you for it by flourishing!
  • If you live in a hotter, dry climate, daily watering by hand is necessary. But if you live in a slightly cooler climate watering every second day during summer should be enough.

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